In good repair

Repair will play an essential part in the circular economy, yet so few of us know how to fix the damaged goods we have. Annie Reece takes a look at a couple of organisations that aim to spread repair skills…

This article was taken from Issue 72

In a large, glass-fronted building just a stone’s throw from London’s bustling Waterloo station, Londonites are busy putting their hands to work and learning how to make furniture. Alison Winfield-Chislett, high-end designer and founder of the Goodlife Centre in central London, welcomes people from all walks of life to her independent learning space to teach them how to design, make and fix something with their own hands. “I wanted the place to be a ‘catch all’ for wholesome activities that make us feel ‘good’ – by taking us away from our keyboard lives, offering workshops that make us use our hands and involve learning by doing, as well as connecting people of like minds.