Green Jobs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly Employment

Green Jobs: A Guide to Eco-Friendly EmploymentAuthors: A. Bronwyn Llewellyn, James P. Hendrix and K. C. Golden

Pub: Adams Media


Price: £9.99

The growing consciousness of our planet’s plight has birthed a multiplicity of employment opportunities: the scope for ‘green-collar’ jobs is widening and this book tells you how to find a job with a greater conscience using the skills you already have.

Green Jobs heralds the rise of greener thinking in business, and does so in a truly engaging manner. The authors compile evidence to show how environmentalism has developed in different industries, signifying the inevitability of the greening of business. This green revolution is compared with the boom of the Internet, but – whereas the dotcom bubble burst – ‘sustainability’ is a truly sustainable industry. According to the authors, an increase in green positions is certain and it is up to the reader to anticipate where they can fit in.

Disillusioned, rat-racing individuals will find Green Jobs a useful self-help book, with sound advice on how to eke out a living in more ethical industries. This book helps with everything, from establishing values, to actually getting a job. It is written for the US market, but the advice can be applied to people around the world. The authors show what jobs are being created (in areas as diverse as energy, transportation, charities and manufacturing) and how current skills can be used in changing industries.

Although formulaic in its approach, Green Jobs never allows the reader’s attention to wane as the authors depict a hopeful vision of the future, where eco-conscious employees reap the rewards of industry’s growing environmental concerns. By documenting how all areas of business have progressed in their attempts to go green, the authors give a real sense of hope that there are positions out there that satisfy both environmentalist leanings and practical skills.

Justin Mulcahy