Rethinking the EU’s plastic recycling plan
Catia Bastioli
Anders Wijkman
| 19 October 2017 |
Anders Wijkman, Chairman of Climate-KIC, and Novamont CEO Catia Bastioli say standards and separate collections rather than simply ‘recyclable’ materials will create a circular plastics economy.
Waste avoidance must be promoted in London’s Environment Strategy, says LWARB
| 6 October 2017 |
The Mayor of London’s draft Environment Strategy for London must put more emphasis on waste avoidance and reducing single-use packaging, according to the London Waste and Recycling Board.
Vella calls for prevention and recycling to underpin EU Plastics Strategy
| 27 September 2017 |
Prevention and recycling must underpin the EU’s plastics strategy to reduce marine plastics pollution, according to EU Environment Commissioner Karmenu Vella.


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