EU ‘urban mining’ data platform launched to track critical raw materials
Sid Hayns-Worthington
| 18 January 2018 |
A new online platform will allow those in the recycling industry to track the flow of precious metals and critical raw materials across the EU. 
 Are circular economy laws ambitious enough to meet challenges facing Europe?
| 19 December 2017 |
Agreement on legislation designed to make Europe more resource efficient has been welcomed by industry groups, but with the caveat that reduced ambition in EU plans risks slowing down the transition to a circular economy.
European Council accused of ‘rolling backwards’ on circular economy ahead of final 2017 trilogue
| 13 December 2017 |
Member states have come under fire for allegedly dragging their heels over prior commitments to the EU’s Circular Economy Package ahead of the year’s final round of negotiations between the EU institutions.


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