Zero hero

Many of us are fully committed to the concept of zero waste, but few of us have done so much to make it a reality as Rachelle Strauss, blogger at Resource catches up with Mrs Green herself to find out more

This article was taken from Issue 77

Rachelle Strauss, along with her husband and daughter, are known as Britain’s one-bin family, having generated only one carrier bag of residual waste in 2009. But, go back a mere 10 years, and things were very different indeed. “I didn’t have any background in the area, and that was part of the reason why I started this, because every week we were putting out two and a half bins of stuff and I didn’t recycle anything at all”, she explains, to my great surprise. “Even simple stuff like newspapers and wine bottles – it just all ended up in the bin.”

But then, first-hand experience of the 2004 flooding in Boscastle changed everything. Along with about 100 others, the Strausses, who were on holiday in the area, had to be airlifted to safety following the flash flooding, and the experience had a lasting effect: “We came home from the holiday and I was still thinking about these people who had lost everything in the course of a few hours. And I was thinking, ‘What can I do?’ I suddenly wanted to be part of the solution, and I didn’t have money to donate to the area, I couldn’t go down and physically help, so I looked at the bigger picture.”