How smart is recycling?

Will Simpson gets to grip with the latest developments in recycling software

This article was taken from Issue 84

Technology continues to rearrange
every aspect of our lives, and like
most industries, recycling and waste management has been transformed by IT and the sort of ‘can-they-really-do-that?’ software that just a decade ago would have been the fantasies of an intoxicated science fiction novelist.

Even within the last half decade, much has changed. Indeed, in a 2011 feature (see Resource 59) we looked at how IT had revolutionised the lot of the recycling officer. One of the major themes of the five years since has been that technological change has come to affect everyone who works in the service, right down to the humblest waste operative. Crucially, it has also allowed an awful lot of cost- reducing and efficiency saving, just at a time when local authorities are being squeezed financially as never before.