Election promises

Political leaders may be focusing on the economy and the health-care system this election, but what we want to know is: what will they do for waste? Resource examines the policies the parties are promising for the sector

This article was taken from Issue 80

Speaking on behalf of the waste and resources industry at the end of last year, the Trade Association Group – comprising the alphabet soup of ADBA, CIWM, ESA, ICE, REA and the RA – wrote a letter to the main political parties summarising the policy proposals the sector would like to see implemented after the general election. Highlighting the industry’s economic credentials (we’re worth £12 billion and provide employment to 150,000), the group’s letter went on to outline a wish list that included: establishing an office for resource management, headed by a minister, to coordinate government policy on resource efficiency across departments; expanding the market for reused and recycled products and materials by (for example) reforming government procurement rules and putting appropriate economic incentives in place; stimulating private investment in resource facilities by setting long-term policy goals; and ensuring that local authorities and enforcement bodies are properly resourced to combat waste crime.

Most of the general election manifestos had little to say about waste and resources, but here’s what we’ve been able to deduce so far about the parties’ prospective policies for the sector in the run-up to the general election.