The 2020 challenge and beyond

The Environmental Services Association's Executive Director, Jacob Hayler, looks at the UK's current recycling rate, and what we can do to improve it.

Reuse requires immediate refocus

As the drive to improve recycling rates gathers momentum, FCC Environment's Steve Bell warns that there is a risk of reuse falling by the kerbside and calls for a change in legislation.

Working to stop waste criminals from breaking the law

A waste officer from the Environment Agency outlines why the UK needs more enforcement to target waste crime.

Stopping good food from going to waste

Tristram Stuart, Founder of anti-food waste campaigning body Feedback, outlines why there should be an authoritative body that investigates how supermarkets treat their suppliers.


The five pence carrier bag charge is introduced in England in two weeks (5 October). Defra has released a video summarising the charge. 
The Environment Agency has released a video outlining the process of investigating and prosecuting waste crime.

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