It's time to take control of our waste policy

FCC Environment's Kristian Dales argues that now is the time to address historic system constraints in the waste industry.

Why single-use packaging will preserve Europe’s food waste problem

With the packaging industry recently promoting itself as a key part in the circular economy answer, the European Environmental Bureau’s Piotr Barczak argues that single-use packaging is not the way to avoid Europe producing waste.

Why a circular economy for the post-Brexit UK?

Ricardo Energy & Environment waste management consultant Dr. Nicholas Head argues that Brexit could kick start the circular economy in Britain.

‘No one else to blame’: A vision of a post-Brexit waste and resource industry

Eunomia Chairman Dominic Hogg reflects on how the British public’s decision to leave the EU will affect the waste and recycling industry, and what we must do to ensure we forge a forward-looking future.


With MPs calling for a ban on the use of microbeads in cosmetics, a group of York University students have used Bruno Mars to highlight the damage that can be done by the harmful bits of plastic.
Jože Gregorič, Project Manager at Snaga, the company that manages waste and resource in Ljubljana, gave the 2016 Resource Association's summer lecture, explaining how the Slovenian capital has spent the last 10 years building high participation in separate collection, utilising ‘radical approaches’ to communications and significantly lowering residual waste per capita. In 2010, Slovenia repor

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Swadlincote: The Food Waste Town

Since January this year, the market town of Swadlincote has been testing out ideas for preventing household food waste, with £1 million in investment from Sainsbury’s. Libby Peake visits the town to see how it’s all going

Augmented Reality comes to waste management
What could the future of resource use might look like if everything we saw could be enhanced with layers of digital information?


Product design for the circular economy

Smart product design holds the key to erasing waste and creating a more circular economy. Edward Perchard talks to a host of experts about ecodesign, extended producer responsibility, and what's holding us back.

The Future of sustainable fashion

Fashion in the twenty-first century is far from sustainable – using up vast amounts of resources and damaging the environment, but what's being done to create a sustainable future?

The rise of the recycling robots

It looks like it’s finally here. Barely a week goes by now without a news report alerting us to developments in artificial intelligence, together with exciting (or scary) predictions about what this means for us as humans. After years lurking on the fringes of our imagination (or at least confined to science fiction), it seems as if the era of mass robotisation may actually be upon us. And like every other sector waste and recycling could be profoundly affected...

NI bag levy providing £400k for community environment projects

Funding of £400,000 from the Northern Irish carrier bag levy is to be made available to support small-scale environmental projects aimed at improving the local environment and boosting civic pride, ahead of a review of the charge next year.

Leadsom: ‘Very clear’ goals on waste won’t be watered down by Brexit

Environment secretary Andrea Leadsom says that environmental legislation won’t be ‘watered down’ following the UK’s departure from the European Union and that the government’s ‘very clear’ goals on waste are not dependent on EU membership.