Rethinking the EU’s plastic recycling plan

Anders Wijkman, Chairman of Climate-KIC, and Novamont CEO Catia Bastioli say standards and separate collections rather than simply ‘recyclable’ materials will create a circular plastics economy.

Data for the smarter management of C&I waste

Peter Scholes, Principal Consultant at Anthesis Group, considers how the lack of data on the scale of commercial waste in the UK can be solved.

An eye on the markets: Knocking on Wood

Vicki Hughes from Hadfield Wood Recyclers provides an update on the recycled wood market. 

The legality of resisting residual restrictions

Our Insider questions the legality of private services stepping in where councils are restricting residual waste.


Over 32,000 tonnes of material that could be recycled is instead put in residual waste bins each year in West Sussex, costing the council an estimated £3 million a year in disposal costs. To highlight the scale of this waste, West Sussex County Council has created a video that visualises it on a personal and then county-wide level.

From the Magazine

WEEE update: Making ICT last

William McPherson, Projects Director at Re-tek gives an update on the latest developments in the WEEE recycling and reuse sector.

Can four-weekly collections move mountains in Conwy?

Conwy County Borough Council's trial of a four-weekly residual waste collection has brought about impressive results since it was brought in in September 2016.

PRNs: Should the UK stick or twist on packaging responsibility?

Industry members give their thoughts on whether the existing PRN system needs reform following Brexit.

It all ADs up

How could increase food waste collections help to boost the anaerobic digestion sector?

The future of MRFs: Sorted

One of the many predictions prior to the adoption of the MRF Code of Practice in 2015 was that operators would either have to invest heavily in new technology to meet the new reporting requirements or go bust. More than two years down the line it is clear that whilst the fears of mass closure of MRFs have, thankfully, not come to pass, some parts of the sector are indeed gradually becoming more... More

Could the Chinese export ban lead to a great leap forward for British recycling?

As China cracks down on imports of foreign waste, what impact could this policy shift have on the UK recycling sector?

Energising the social aspect of resource use

Leonie Butler spoke to Furniture Re-use Network CEO Craig Anderson about getting social aspects of sustainability recognised and working out what motivates people to do the right thing and reuse.