Obituary: Robin Murray 1940 - 2017

Mal Williams, Director of the Zero Waste International Trust, remembers Professor Robin Murray, respected economist and giant of the Zero Waste movement.

Why stories and collaboration are essential for behaviour change

Hubbub co-founder Trewin Restorick shares lessons on behaviour change campaigns learnt and implemented through the organisation's Square Mile Challenge to reduce coffee cup waste in central London.

Biomass offering farmers shot at post-Brexit growth

Rural business asset planner Peregrine Finance says farmers should consider their business options in biomass post-Brexit.

Circular cities are doing it for themselves

With European guidance still going through the bureaucratic process and national policy seemingly well down the pecking order, local and regional authorities can take the reins and steer their areas into a more circular way of living.


As festival season gets into full swing, with Glastonbury, Wireless and Reading & Leeds all coming up, behaviour change charity Hubbub has produced some tips for keeping your festival experience as sustainable, waste-free and cheap as possible.
A partnership between beer manufacturer Corona and anti-plastic pollution network Parley for the Oceans has unveiled a plan to protect 100 islands around the world from ocean plastic pollution by 2020, with the support of a number of celebrities including actor Chris Hemsworth.

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Industrial Symbiosis: One man's waste...

When it comes to being resource efficient, turning a waste stream into a resource is about as good as it gets, and always has been. Why, then, is industrial symbiosis an idea that has struggled to gain traction in the UK?

In rare form

Our reliance on rare earth elements in our gadget-hungry world is growing, but at what cost?

Bargain bin food waste

Retailers are an extremely visible facet of the food waste scandal, but there are all sorts of reasons that products fall out of the grocery supply chain. Approved Food founder Dan Cluderay tells Resource how he’s turning this would-be waste back into a profit with his online clearance food and drink store 

How Bogotá’s recicladores are picking a fight (for inclusion)

As the city rises up the development index, Bogotá’s waste services are undergoing structural transformation. Now Colombia’s waste-picking recicladores are fighting to play their part as services are commercialised.

What would it take to recycle 80 per cent?

While the progress of household recycling rates has stalled in England, other parts of the world, not least Wales, continue to show more is possible. Resource asks what it will take to recycle 80 per cent of what we throw away?

Welsh recycling performance has been exceptional up to this point - but what will it take to push it up to 80 per cent?

The road to 80 per cent: Beyond our current approach

What changes can Wales make to ensure its recycling ambitions are more bite than bark?