We're right to follow Europe

The Deputy Chairman of ECO Plastics, Jonathan Short, outlines why he supports the EC's Circular Economy package.

David Adams on food waste

David Adams, Managing Director of 707, reflects on the need for inspiration, motivation and collaboration on the UK’s food waste challenge.

Bernard Amos

Earlier this year, the new electronic duty of care (edoc) system launched.
Bernard Amos, discusses the opportunity it presents to the UK recycling and resource management sector  

Horatio Nelson

Resource's Horatio Nelson considers the potential revenue from resources

Hot 100

To compile our Hot 100 list for 2013, we asked the industry to name and praise the most influential puppet masters in the waste theatre.

With the understanding that many out there deserve to have their praises sung, we asked the resource industry congregation to name the holiest in our midst. Here, the top waste saints come marching in…

Carrying the waste and resources torch in this industry isn’t an easy task. Resource harbours a massive flame for these HOT 100 worthy bearers, and our track-side commentators for this event are you, our readers, who provided the descriptions next to the contenders

In 2010 waste needed people to lead the pack, to continue the drive towards resource efficiency despite budget cuts and other threats nipping at our heels. So here are the ones we looked to get things done, Resource’s top dogs, as voted for and described by you

From the Magazine

remanufacturing components

With so much effort going into increasing recycling, remanufacturing doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. But are businesses finally ready to pick up the effort and create as-new products from used pieces? Annie Reece finds out

Kelvin McElvaney series

With yesterday’s must-have electronic device becoming today’s cast-off lump of rubbish, the world is accumulating an ever-growing mountain of e-waste. Libby Peake learns why it’s now time to create some solutions

As more businesses go online to manage operations, Resource looks at some free apps and online tools they can use to manage their waste