Biomass offering farmers shot at post-Brexit growth

Rural business asset planner Peregrine Finance says farmers should consider their business options in biomass post-Brexit.

Circular cities are doing it for themselves

With European guidance still going through the bureaucratic process and national policy seemingly well down the pecking order, local and regional authorities can take the reins and steer their areas into a more circular way of living.

Novamont's Tony Breton looks at where the UK stands on separately collected organic waste and how budgets are hindering their introduction in England.


If not now, when? If not us, then who?

Falkirk Council’s ‎Ross Fenwick and Robin Baird say that now is the time to challenge recycling behaviour and take a step towards the sustainable world we keep talking about.


A partnership between beer manufacturer Corona and anti-plastic pollution network Parley for the Oceans has unveiled a plan to protect 100 islands around the world from ocean plastic pollution by 2020, with the support of a number of celebrities including actor Chris Hemsworth.
Lidl has become the latest supermarket to partner with an app to find charities to redistribute its surplus food to, following Marks & Spencers in signing up to social platform Neighbourly. Here's the difference such a partnership makes.

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With the election of Donald Trump, it’s fair to say that America (and the rest of the world) has been plunged into turmoil. But what does this mean for America’s resource industry?

The Restart Project: Repair in the community

The Restart Project is bringing the circular economy to the grass roots, with community repair events helping people fix their technology and build skills, confidence and networks.

Hard decisions: Brexit and the environment

Brexit may mean Brexit, but The Insider wonders what it means for waste policy.

Hot 100 2016: Who are the shining stars of waste?

We asked members of the waste and resource industry, as well as anyone else with a keen interest in the world of resources, to nominate and vote for those that have played a starring role in the industry this year.

After receiving thousands and thousands of votes, your final list can be found below. The names on the list show the vast array of characters making an impact on waste, with government – central, local and devolved – industry, the third sector, campaign groups, the... More

Should we be worried about England's falling recycling rate?

Recently, England’s household recycling rate fell for the first time since records began, but should we be panicking about it? Eunomia consultant Peter Jones analyses the stats


WasteAid UK: Helping communities tackle the waste crisis in West Africa

With three billion people in the world lacking access to decent waste management services, WasteAid UK is sharing skills so communities can tackle the waste crisis themselves.