Three-weekly collections

Lee Marshall, Chief Executive Officer of the Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC), gives a resident’s eye view of a three-weekly collection system.

A sideways view: Issue 82

To say a lot of water has passed under the bridge since my last notes for Resource magazine would be an understatement. Not least of the changes in recent months was the election in May of a majority Conservative government that appeared to take everyone (apart from the Conservative Party) by surprise.  


Behind the bins in Hugh’s War on Waste

Karen Cannard, co-founder of The Rubbish Diet, shares her experience of working behind the scenes on Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s new BBC programme.

Following Wales’s example

Gev Eduljee, external affairs director at SUEZ in the UK, reflects on the announcement that Wales has topped 56 per cent recycling, and suggests how England can learn from its neighbour’s achievement


Coffee grounds recycler bio-bean has released a video explaining its process and visions for the future.
As part of a two-year initiative led by campaigning charity Hubbub, prisoners from HMP Northumberland will be working to repurpose used Ocado uniforms into items to be sold for charity.

From the Magazine

Turning down the volume

Faced with rampant growth in waste generation, the Korean government introduced a pay-as-you-throw system in 1995. Edward Perchard investigates how Seoul is putting its foot down on waste. 

Learning to recycle

A child's capacity to absorb knowledge is a powerful tool in environment education. But what exactly do these enquiring minds learn about waste and resources in school? Leonie Butler finds out.

Keeping it to three

Swansea council has seen success with its initiative to limit the number of black bags residents can throw away. Resource reports. 


Fair sharing?

The sharing economy is growing exponentially, but what, exactly, is it growing into? Libby Peake investigates. 


Pushing the right buttons

The vast majority of homes around the country have comprehensive recycling systems, that collect a variety of materials, all from the doorstep – a valet service that, in most instances, turns waste to resource with the minimum of user fuss. So why is our household recycling rate in the UK just 44 per cent? Why are some people simply not recycling, and what can be done to change... More

Charging ahead

There is increasing consensus in the resource industry that variable charging is a good idea, but what needs to be done to bring it about, and what sort of system would be ideal? Resource convened a roundtable of experts to work out the details and charge ahead with charging. What follows is an excerpt of their conversation. 



We are aware of many of the social and economic consequences of the illegal drug trade, but how much do we know about the environmental waste wrought by society’s drug habits? Thomas Dimech investigates.