Obituary: Chris Coggins

Dr Jane Beasley pays tribute to Professor Chris Coggins, who died last week at the age of 69.

Commercial waste collections – how level is the playing field?

Angus Evers considers the consequences of an Upper Tribunal ruling on whether local authority VAT exemption distorts competition in the commercial waste market.

When soaps discuss waste

The EastEnders are up in arms about plans for fortnightly bin collection, but why is the soap perpetuating negative myths? Resource’s Leonie Butler considers the situation.

It's time to take control of our waste policy

FCC Environment's Kristian Dales argues that now is the time to address historic system constraints in the waste industry.


Lidl has become the latest supermarket to partner with an app to find charities to redistribute its surplus food to, following Marks & Spencers in signing up to social platform Neighbourly. Here's the difference such a partnership makes.
To kick off Sky's Ocean Rescue campaign, the company has produced a special report looking at how bad the plastic pollution of marine environments has become and what effect it is having on ecosystems and coastal communities.

From the Magazine

Creating the Circular Building
Engineering firm Arup has created the world’s first ‘Circular Building’, an experiment in circular economy thinking. 
Madam president: An interview with CIWM's Margaret Bates

Resource talks to Margaret Bates her about her newest role – as CIWM President – amongst a diverse range of topics. 


Material gains through brokerage services
How can risk-averse councils get the most value out of the recyclables they collect and feed them into a more circular economy? An idea finding favour in Wales and Scotland is a materials brokerage service.
Charting the bioplastics boom
Plastics that sub in plants for petrol are booming, with the market set to quadruple in the next five years.
Soil: the forgotten resource

The Oxford English Dictionary’s primary definition of the word ‘resource’ is: ‘A stock or supply of money, materials, staff, and other assets that can be drawn on by a person or organisation in order to function effectively.’ Think of such assets in a circular economy context, and it’s most likely that what will spring to mind are things that can be taken from a set reserve of materials and used to make products in a sustainable way – whether they be raw materials like metals or oil... More

WasteBasedBricks: Laying the foundations for sustainable building

A pioneering eco house in Rotterdam has been made using waste-based bricks that even the toughest of wolves couldn’t blow down.

Advanced conversion technologies: A heated debate
Following several high-profile setbacks for ‘advanced conversion technologies', some are now questioning whether gasification and pyrolysis can ever work at a large scale to treat residual waste.