Catia Bastioli, Novamont CEO, argues that we must take more of a systematic approach to industrial policy, and take better care of our soil, the forgotten non-renewable resource. 

Stephen Gee on the circular economy

Resource media catches up with Stephen Gee, Director of the Resource Event, and discussses how businesses can bring about the circular economy.

Talking in circles

The Insider dishes the dirt on rubbish European policy

Making waste pay

Frank Smith argues that to really tap into the ‘waste as a resource’ revolution, local authorities need to become more business-savvy


Croydon Council is calling on members of the public to help identify two men caught on film fly-tipping in Croydon. Anyone with information on the fly-tipping incident, or any other illegal dumping of waste in the Croydon area, should contact the council’s dedicated fly-tipping hotline on 020 8604 7000 or by emailing
Businesses and individuals across the country are being urged to roll up their sleeves this weekend and take part in Community Clear Up Day on Saturday 21 March 2015. Community Clear Up Day is a ‘national spring clean’ campaign, led by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).

From the Magazine

The Real Deal

With Wales nearing the 60 per cent recycling mark, we wanted to know more about the secrets of the country’s success.  Charles Newman spoke to the man now managing Team Wales, Natural Resources Minister Carl Sargeant

Off the Wall Winter 2015

A round-up of weird and wonderful news stories relating to waste, recycling and sustainability.

Paying for McDonald's with cans, biodegradable buildings, trash bucket challenges and dealing with junk mail are the focus of this issue's Off the Wall section.

A sideways view: issue 78

Ray Georgeson explores the image of the waste and recycling industry and what it can do to boost engagement.

Landfill restoration: A walk in the park?

As England’s landfill space nears capacity, many organisations are looking to turn old landfills into community spaces. Annie Kane finds out whether landfill restoration is really a walk in park

Resource's annual local authority league tables based on waste arisings per capita.

Going up?

After decades of relentlessly rising recycling rates, in which the answer to our titular question would have been a resounding ‘yes’, the figures for the 2013/14 residual waste league table provide a different response altogether (in England, at least). Charles Newman has more